Mini’s and Revival Records

miniature-classics-at-rival-records_010519_4761When Mother Nature hands you a January 5th morning in the 30 degree above zero range in northern Wisconsin you take full advantage of the situation.  That temperature equates to spring for us this time of year.

I headed to downtown Eau Claire with my miniature 50’s & 60’s classic cars and set up a shot in front of Revival Records.  I can remember spending plenty of time at record stores in my youth listening to all the latest releases being played over the store’s sound system while searching through rows and rows of records trying to decide which album to buy that day.  My budget was small so I had to be selective but I did manage to build quite a large record collection over the years.  I always loved listening to records.  Less reliable 8-Track tapes were okay and afforded me with the opportunity to take the music in the car but that technology faded away to cassettes.  I never had a cassette that lasted very long and the sound quality wasn’t great either.  They just couldn’t stand the test of time.  The Vinyl  Album was always a trusted friend you could rely upon.  I loved the sound of the turntable’s needle gently touching down on the LP and the momentary hiss just before the music started to play………magical!

I’ve added this image to my Miniature’s Gallery if you’d like a print.  Critiques are always welcome.  Also, feel free to share this post with a friend if you’d like.    Thank You for stopping by blog today!

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