Miniature ’50’s Classics Getting the Christmas Tree

Miniature-Classics-Getting-Christmas-Tree_121518_4619Some of my favorite childhood memories would have to include the annual trek to pick up the Christmas Tree.  We used to have a “penny jar” that we all threw our pennies into throughout the year.  Those were the funds we used to purchase our tree each Christmas.  The mood was always joyful as we wondered around wading through the snow at the tree farm searching for that one perfect tree.  With a family of 9 that meant we had a lot of different opinions as to which tree was best but Mom always got to cast the deciding vote!  No matter which choice we made each year the trees looked magical after all the final decorating was complete.

This year I took my miniature 1950’s Chevrolet Bel air and Apache Side Step Pickup out for an image.  I decided on a pre-cut tree and made my way to Chippewa Falls and stopped by Kyle’s Christmas Tree lot.  I parked at the tastefully decorated tree lot and as I opened the car door I immediately noticed the aroma of the freshly cut pine scent in the air.  The atmosphere helped me set this theme for festive shoppers making their selections and engaging in conversations with friends.

I hope you enjoy the shot!  Critiques are always welcome.  Share the image with friends if you’d like.  Thank You for stopping by blog today!

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